Introducing China’s Generation Z

Gen Z makes up about 15 percent of China’s population and expenditures among China’s Gen Z accounts for 13% of their household income. This special group spent their childhoods during the fastest economic expansion and are used to rapid changes of their living standards.

China's Generation Z has been shaped by a unique set of circumstances. Since the implementation of the one-child policy in 1979, the nation has seen rapid economic and population growth, resulting in a generation that is significantly larger than previous generations. As such, they have had access to opportunities that their parents could only dream of.
Gen Zers are known as digital natives; they have grown up immersed in technology and are comfortable with social media platforms and video streaming services.

China's Gen Z often has different characters and their own social circles, which created numerous opportunities for different sectors.
They also have a greater sense of spending power and disposable income than their predecessors.
They are likely to represent 60% of China's spending growth and became a significant group of new consumers for both domestic and global brands.

Domestically, Chinese brands have seen their market share increase thanks to the support of this new generation of consumers who appreciate quality products with modern designs.
It is crucial for global brands to understand the background and current trends of China's Gen Z in order to better connect with this generation and promote the brand concepts and products.

DFC Studio brings you in-depth insights on the main traits and consumption habits of China’s Gen Z, while offering tips on how to attract his young cohort and build your brand awareness among them.

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