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Boost your sales in China quickly by harnessing the power of the largest social media platforms like WeChat, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin.

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Launch your brand in China with

minimal investment by establishing a

Social-Ecommerce Cross-border Store

Define your e-commerce
strategy in China

In China, there are numerous channels available for selling your products. To achieve your goals and establish a winning position, it’s essential to adopt a strategic approach to build solid foundations and help you recover your ROI quickly.

  • Brand Audit
  • Business plan
  • Pricing strategy
  • Product selection
  • E-commerce Strategy
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Set-up & customize your
e-store in China

The e-commerce ecosystem in China is mature. To stand out, offering a unique experience to prospective clients is crucial for earning their trust and driving product purchases. A qualitative approach is highly recommended.

  • E-boutique certification
  • E-boutique set-up & design
  • E-boutique management
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Manage & monitor your
e-boutique in China

To thrive, your boutique must stay vibrant, with responsive customer service meeting client expectations, continuous additions of new products, and alignment with China’s vibrant e-commerce festival calendar to outperform your sales.

  • 7/7 Customer service
  • Traffic generation & Ads optimization
  • Live-streaming e-commerce
  • Logistic Management
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Get a free copy of our China : Essential basics to know E-book

Get a free copy of our China : Essential basics to know E-book

E-commerce in China
Cross-border e-commerce refers to online trading activities between businesses or consumers in different countries. It allows merchants to sell products directly to consumers in another country without having a physical presence there. This model offers several advantages, such as reduced entry barriers, access to a broader customer base, and simplified logistics and regulatory requirements. DFC Studio specializes in cross-border e-commerce solutions in China, offering tailored strategies and comprehensive support to help international brands navigate the complexities of selling in the Chinese e-commerce market. With our expert team, you can optimize your digital marketing campaigns, create compelling content, and enhance user experience to effectively target your audience and succeed in one of the largest markets for online consumers.
Yes, any product sold in China, whether through traditional or e-commerce channels, must comply with the country's regulatory requirements. This includes product registration, labeling, and quality standards. Failure to meet these requirements can result in legal penalties and damage to your brand reputation. DFC Studio provides guidance and assistance in navigating the product registration process in China, ensuring that your products meet all necessary regulations and standards. With our expertise in e-commerce marketing and digital commerce agency services, you can streamline the registration process and enter the Chinese market with confidence, reaching a vast audience of online consumers through leading e-commerce marketplaces.
Several e-commerce platforms dominate the Chinese market, including Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin. These platforms offer access to millions of Chinese consumers and provide a comprehensive infrastructure for selling and marketing products online. DFC Studio has extensive experience working with various e-commerce platforms in China, helping foreign brands select the most suitable platforms for their products and maximize their online presence. We provide strategic guidance, platform integration, and ongoing support to ensure your success in the competitive Chinese e-commerce market, delivering outstanding digital experiences to your target audience and driving growth for your brand.
Managing an e-commerce store in China alone can be challenging due to the unique market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and fierce competition. Without local expertise and support, you may struggle to navigate the complexities of the Chinese e-commerce market and effectively promote your products to Chinese consumers. DFC Studio serves as a trusted partner for foreign merchants looking to establish and grow their presence in the Chinese e-commerce market. With our comprehensive range of services, including market research, platform selection, store setup, marketing, and logistics support, we empower you to focus on your core business while we handle the complexities of managing your store, ensuring a seamless user experience and driving success in mobile commerce and e-commerce marketing.

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