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In China, having a robust presence on social media is essential.


Choosing the right platforms with the right strategy can allow you to reach 1 billion users.

Social Media
Marketing in China

Social Media in China, including WeChat, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin, is where you need to be. However, the landscape is already mature, a solid content strategy is essential to stand out from the crowd.

  • Content marketing
  • WeChat Management
  • Xiaohongshu Management
  • Short video & live-streaming
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Influence Marketing
in China

Establishing influence in China is vital for building a strong presence and introducing your brand through authentic, trustworthy individuals who can serve as ambassadors, enabling you to achieve rapid and impressive results.

  • Influence strategy
  • Micro-influencer campaign
  • KOL (Key opinion leader) campaign
  • Celebrity collaboration
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Social Media Ads
in China

Advertising is essential to boost exposure and engage your audience with tailored content. At DFC STUDIO, our dedicated team is trained and specialized by the leading platforms to deliver outstanding performance

  • WeChat Ads
  • Xiaohongshu Ads (Little Red Book)
  • Douyin Ads
  • Zhihu Zhi +
  • Weibo Ads
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Get a free copy of our China : Essential basics to know E-book

Get a free copy of our China : Essential basics to know E-book

Digital Marketing in China
Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe that works for every brand. Every brand is different, so the strategy should be tailored to address the right target audience. China's digital ecosystem is omni-channel, meaning Chinese consumers are using various channels during their journey. DFC Studio, as a digital marketing agency specialized in the Chinese market, can help you gain a deep understanding of this promising market to design the right strategy to develop both your social media presence and your awareness among Chinese audiences.
Partnering with influencers in China is crucial for increasing your online presence and exposure among Chinese consumers. However, there are various types of influencers, so it's essential to establish a clear strategy to achieve your objectives. Influencer marketing in Mainland China can be quite costly, and without a well-defined influencer strategy, you risk wasting significant resources. As a China digital marketing agency, we assist our clients in managing their online marketing and launching their marketing campaigns with a strategic blend of online advertising and influencer collaboration to reach your potential customers.
When entering the Chinese market, using a Chinese name is highly recommended, especially if your current name is long, difficult to pronounce, or already in use. Choosing a name should be approached with seriousness, as it reflects your image and brand positioning. A poorly chosen name may not resonate well with your target audiences, potentially causing you to miss opportunities. Conversely, a good name can help you stand out and rank better on search engines such as Bing & Baidu, as well as on social media platforms. As a Chinese digital marketing agency, DFC Studio can assist you in creating a unique name that will resonate with Chinese users.
You can manage your account from abroad. However, some platforms will require a local phone number to operate. The key to developing your social media presence is content. Yes, more than elsewhere, content is King. Unless you have a professional and talented team internally, it is recommended to partner with a specialized digital agency based in China. Platforms' rules are always changing, and a good relationship with these platforms will help you boost your efficiency. The Chinese market is unique, with different codes. A mix of strategy, content, graphic design, and advertising will help you reach your goal. However, if your content is not qualitative enough, you will face some issues in developing your brand in China. Never forget that the brand is your biggest asset, the one that makes the difference with your competitors. DFC Studio acts as a strategic partner to develop your content and widely enhance your digital presence to resonate with various Chinese audiences, providing expert insights along the way.

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