Who are we?

We Design your Future in China 🚀

DFC Studio

DFC Studio is an agency specializing in brand development 
in the ever-evolving Chinese market.

With our dual presence in Beijing and Lyon, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance throughout your entire journey in China.

From strategizing your market entry to fostering brand recognition, our aim is to facilitate rapid expansion of your distribution network and boost your sales.

What sets us apart is our team of highly accomplished professionals, all of whom are graduates from renowned international universities. This unique blend of bicultural expertise and deep understanding of the Chinese market positions us as a great partner to unlock your brand's full potential in this thriving landscape.

DFC Family

The name "DFC" is derived from Di Fa Chuang, which translates to "to create from scratch in a French way." This name encompasses our creative spirit and French heritage, showcasing our dedication to excellence and innovative solutions. It represents our commitment to crafting unique and original strategies that drive success for our clients.

At DFC Studio, we consider our team as our extended family. Each member is carefully selected not only based on their professional experiences, motivations, and performance but also for their unique personalities. We believe that the personality of our team members plays a crucial role in fostering creativity and collaboration. Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that all our team members have lived abroad, which has provided them with valuable international perspectives, and they are fluent in both French and English. This diverse blend of backgrounds and linguistic abilities allows us to effectively communicate and connect with clients from different cultural backgrounds.

If you share our creative spirit and aspire to become part of the DFC family, we welcome you to send us your profile. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Why choosing us?

Network (Guanxi)

Having a strong network in China is key to facilitating business development and accessing new opportunities.

Bicultural Advantage

Our team's bicultural background, combined with a deep understanding of both Western and Chinese business practices, enables us to bridge the cultural gap and navigate the complexities of doing business in China.


With a strong entrepreneurial mindset, we put ourselves in your shoes to understand the needs of your brand and offer the most suitable actions.

Agile and responsive

In China, everything moves quickly.
Agility and responsiveness are two fundamental values for success in this market.


The Chinese ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we strive to be proactive in order to enable you to adapt your strategy according to the latest trends.

Quality over quantity

We believe that aiming for excellence is crucial to stand out in this market.
Attention to detail is ingrained in the continuous training of our team members.

Discover our team members

Thibault Alcorani

Co-founder & CEO

Xuezi Zhang

Co-founder & COO

Stéphane Charrier

General Manager France & Partner

Wenpeiyu Zhang

Head of Strategy & Partner

Shu Zhu

Creative Director

Lanjun Zhou

Project Manager

Jil Yang

Project Manager

Ziwei Cheng

Influence Manager

Siqi Cui


Xin Fu

E-commerce Manager

Runyi Chen

Marketing executive

Feifei Lang


Beibei Lang


Meng Ling

Finance & HRD

Yuze Hong


Sherry Zhang

Customer Service